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Maggie Reber-Wynn

Swimming into the Pacific Ocean


I am from a womb of an unknown lover who, for her own reasons, gave me up for adoption.

I am fragile, helpless and innocent.

I am a freshly hatched sea turtle, swimming into the Pacific Ocean in search of a family who I can love unconditionally, and who can reciprocate their love back to me.


I am Margaret Ruth Reber-Wynn, named after my two deceased grandmothers; my last name, Wynn, continuing my mother’s family name.

I am an airplane, traveling back and forth from the beaches of Narragansett, Rhode Island, the Wisconsin Cheese Heads, the extreme outdoor sports in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, and the deserts of Arizona.

I am adventurous and brave, always open minded towards experiencing new activities, foods and cultures.


I am a Korean female, achieving the American dream of success, fame and wealth through thrift and hard work.

I am able to keep my own paychecks, vote as a Democrat, and travel towards my future goals.

I am the sun rising over the world with values and character in which I contribute a role for my family, community and society.


I am an untrained puppy who chews on shoes and pees on the carpet.

I am not perfect, as I have and will continue to make mistakes.

I am a hand of poker, learning each and every day from the cards that are dealt into my life.


I am growing into a smart and devoted woman.

I am becoming the future through my past, my experiences and my educators.

I am so thankful for swimming into the home and harts of two wonderful parents who know my potential and support me with my decisions.


I am proud to be adopted.

I am confident, beautiful and strong.

I am Margaret Ruth Reber-Wynn.




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